Todays casino Slot Streamers are a joke

If you take a peek at youtube in the category of gambling, you’ll notice that the majority is simply soaked up by these larger streamers. They are simply spamming the living snot out of Youtube and attempt to gather as much as views, likes, subscribe’s as possible. The reason why my title states that they are a joke is purely for the most simple reason. They are not gambling with their own money. They are sponsored. This means that the casino gives them funds, in order to play, generate content, and publish this content.

With a real casino, you do have bet limitations. In my case that is up to € 125 on most pragmatic games and up to € 400 on inhouse-games. The reason for that is financial liability. Lets say if i hit a max win on a € 100 spin; that would be 5000x € 100 = € 500.000. The chances of actually hitting this is quite, quite slim, and likely not even in years. If it does happen, they would actually pay me out, as they are required by the license legislators. Now the problem with streamers is this.

They are promoting vague and out of your legislation casino’s. They are usually unplayable for countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany perhaps and a ton of others. But all of them “advocate” the use of VPN. Now surely you can get on, deposit and play by using a VPN, but the problem is, your already against the Terms of Service that casino upholds. This is a red flag for me personal. Lets say if you do win big, the chances are there you can get sacked. And there’s no legislation who backs you.

Number 2 is the amount of Reviews for Stake that are going on. The majority upholds a complete different opinion and many of them simply feel robbed. They are not getting the experience these streamers seem to produce. They are getting often quite lower RTP’s or “dead sessions” then ever before. They can and will lock your account in the case of any event that might suite them. You got these celebrities even promoting these vague places in a shack somewhere in Curacao?!

The same is going on for those other casino’s such as Gamdom or whatever the f any streamer comes up with now. It is a milking fest and i truely believe that for streamers getting the deposits in, but no deposits out, simply yields them a tad better “gaming experience” compared to a regular player. I can attest to this that my action in my own online casino’s kind of yields to the amount i deposit. I don’t think it’s gambling anymore. I think it’s fair square “gaming” these days and actually getting ahead is quite slim. Mechanisms are in effect in some casino’s. There is no doubt about it.

As a followup for number 2, the problem is when you do have an issue, there is no legislation you can turn to. Your getting a copy paste answer from support and legislation dont even bother to read your messages or complaints. All the money you poured into these casino’s is gone, and there’s hardly any way to get it back out. Going to court is expensive. Lets say you would Sue stake in Curacao, you would need a translator, a lawyer, costs for raising a court battle to be told you broke the terms and conditions in the first place which is not their responsibility.

You would likely lose that battle, and end up with quite more costs then you could think of. These streamers are not playing with real money. Ayezee for example, gets his funds from a “masteraccount” from the casino itself, and is straight up lying that any of the cash deposits is raw money. No it’s not. And it will not be raw money. Their money is within the affiliates or monthly payments they are generating for themselfs. Basicly your losses is their profit. And the casino’s, obviously. Ayezee was confirmed a fake streamer but it was quickly taken offline.

So if you see those video’s on Youtube, and you think betting 1000$ a spin, or buying a $100.000 bonus game is any real? Think twice! They are single handedly destroying the affiliation business, and proberly some lives too along the way. The exposure provided by youtube, twitch and all these other platforms is just so immense. If your a youngster, think twice. These guys are generating content with zero financial risk or loss to the game. I might as well start streaming myself on Demo Mode, start recording, and publish my content on Youtube. I would be in the very same category as they are.

But i get it. To some there’s a certain degree of entertainment. But when there’s involvement into closed discord groups, give-aways and all that, remember that you are the product. It is all about affiliation, and your quickly tempted to start playing too because you just saw your streamer win unrealistic amounts of money. I am bothered by the sheer amount of fake streamers these days clogging up Youtube in particular. More then half of displayed content is all about fake streamers now, who are fighting for the top spot. Take Chipmonks or Roshtein for example. These folks are not even trying anymore.

A large streamer like trainwreck admitted to earn around 300k a year by streaming slots. So you’d say if he was paid a million a month to stream slots, how the hell did he end up with an avg of only 300k on a yearly basis? You’d say hey he could spend 400k a month and keep the 600k right? That would yield him over 7.2 million on a yearly basis. Nope! The provided money, funds or credit is on the house. A streamer like trainwreck has zero financial risk to playing slots. The fact that he’s 8 hours a day slotting and screaming “juice me” “juice me up” should say kind of enough of the sheer sadness these folks live in.

I am quite sure that alot of folks are disgusted by the trends of today. And youtube AI or Algorithm is just falling for it. However youtube is just as evil in this case, because it earns money over advertisements – Youtube is running a full blown adsense through all it’s video’s. So advertisers can pick, opt and display their ads in any respected category that there is. Including gambling. And the “costs per click” in terms of casino is just immensely high. 50$ per click is’nt unusual as that market is highly competitive. Everyone is banking on casino’s online these days. The revenue is off the chart.

I kind of wish we can form a movement, in where we ditch all these fake streamers. Start with real streamers instead. The guys or people who risk their own balance. Do realtime deposits with their Credit Card, onscreen that is. The landscape would be quite realistic again and we actually get to see content that is on par and more in the realm of what gambling really is. My highest stake i ever attempted was the max at a € 125 or a € 10.000 bonus buy. See below video. I woud’nt recommend betting such stakes but if your ahead and you can afford it, GO FOR IT! That’s what this is all about.

So lets not forget – streamers where gamblers at some point. They where losing quite alot as streaming usually is very unsustainable on long term basis. As Roshtein admitted (!) in a interview ( See this video ) that he would lose quite alot with gambling, untill someone hooked him up with streaming. Lets just not forget the demo mode incident as seen on below video. Roshtein betrayed himself here in a awful mistake by clicking demo mode and ending up with the same balance as with real money.

N1 Casino was the brand he was promoting back then. And a incident like this would be virtually impossible, unless the casino was in this as well. Knowing how stinky the whole N1 Brand casino these days is with their overblown SOW requests, that is another brand to highly avoid as well. So i hope you enjoyed taking the time to read this. Give it a share or comment below if you have any remarks to it. As a final peace of advise, take this video for example!