Tony Mcdew interviewed, himself

If anyone is ever interested in real life stories about a (serious) gambling addiction and how one led to losing it’s house and is living homeless, perhaps take a moment to watch the documentairy on Tony Mcdew. In his former years Tony Mcdew used to live in Vegas, and visit casino’s frequently. How basicly one pull made him win, and realise how easy it supposed to be to win free money. Now in most area’s the intensity of casino’s is’nt that bad as in the US or UK we might say. You got slots in various places like gas station, supermarkets and even casino’s around every block. How evasive one country was in terms of raising profits for placing more and more casino’s, led to quite some cases in terms of gambling addiction.

This makes me again shiver on the idea how isolating gambling online could be as most casino’s do have a certain degree to tackle problem gambling. The thing is: once gambling is becoming a problem for players, and i also watch myself in this, it’s a condition that can only get worse over time if you dont watch your steps. The irresponsible gambling most of these streamers do is due to them having zero financial risk. Their main source of income is usually a salary paid by the casino (if the streamer does have a large following base) or usually the affiliate incomes, which means up to 40 to 50% of “loss” from signups diverted to him or her. The rise of gambling on twitch and other platforms is’nt because it’s so great…

It’s because promoting gambling brings far more revenue to the table then streaming of regular games do. It’s why you see a mass increase and intensity of gambling on the internet. Ayezee, Xposed, Roshtein, Trainwrecks, and all the other dumb goose’s who promote gambling without risking their own paycheque. They could care less if the next story is presented by one of their own affiliates. If you want to reach out to now Tony Mcdew, hit up his Youtube page. Note: the guy obviously aged and was for quite some time homeless in Vegas. If you feel his video did any contributions please feel free to contact or donate to the guy. Or spare him a meal when your in Vegas.

The video illustrates a growing gambling addiction, how one thing leads to another, as Tony Mcdew in Las Vegas interviewed himself during the course of time. Pawning stuff or goods for cash to gamble to finally lose his job, house and everything he had. If you feel like gambling is taking over, please seek help. It is a serious condition that should not be ignored or weaved away if you no longer have gambling under control.

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