Uncorking Xposed Casino Streamer

Xposed, or simply put “Cody Burnett” was a FPS streamer with a habbit for losing it’s temper. Some time ago he switched fully over to streaming slots or gambling which led to a larger audience of people viewing his content daily. What is it with these roobet, stake players all over the place, doing crazy and insane bonus buys or bets of perhaps up to 1000$ per spin? Flush money away like nothing, but also present countless of huge wins that normal players coud’nt catch up with in a lifetime? Well, as the discovery of Roobet, Stake and the previous CS GO Scam unfolded, Xposed is on the payroll of the casino obviously promoting gambling related content on Twitch, Youtube & more. I personally have nothing against the streamer, but more against the unethical promotion of gambling and where the streamer obviously has zero financial loss playing so reckless. Payroll of a casino? Does that even exist?

Yes. As showed before on this website most populair streamers do get a contract where they are paid hunderds up to thousands and some of ‘m even up to a million a month (!) just to promote or play at a certain brand or casino. Being on a payroll means that the streamer gets paid for his time spend on the casino marketing this casino. A part of that contract usually states that, a large portion of that salary must flow back to the casino in relation of deposits. Whatever the streamer wins from that point on, a percentage is or will be his/hers. In this case it’s 10% excluding the affiliate revenue that can lead up to 30 to 50% depending on the deal. So what your seeing here is basicly a show. None of the (true) losing most players encounter is shown here. Slots on steroids. They are misled and often booted out with attempting to hit big withdrawls. The use of VPN’s are actively promoted, but often against the TOS of the casino.

I cant urge you enough to, not use such rogue, oversea’s casino’s that have a conflicting terms of service in the first place. A good start is to read my Tips in selecting casino which can help you prevent, losing money in the first place on the long run. Wether they “allow” the use of VPN, you still need to consider that tomorrow they can legally raise the banhammer, and suddenly start closing your account the moment you attempt to even withdrawl big. The same goes out for all these other unethical streamers such as Roshtein, Ayezee, Chipmonkz and what more. I cant repeat this enough really, as these casino’s solely operate on accepting everyday’s deposits, but not plan to even give anything of that back. Is that the casino you want to play at? I dont think so either! I have a good experience just sticking to a few in the country i’m resident in. No bullshit and backing up a payout of 60k just like that.

If you do your homework, as i do with my top casino’s you’ll find a good one soon enough that is loyal and offers more then just a good coverage of casino games. Fast service, a live chat with decent operators but also a good reputation is what matters. These streamers at the end of the day could care less in regards you losing your money, casino’s failing to perform a KYC check, or let alone have a active policy against problem gamblers. No they openly offer any player, even if it’s a payment by father’s credit card people money’s. These are the most crooked and nasty casino’s out there with only one intention. Check-in but never leave. Streamers are’nt bad perse, it’s just the unethical promotion of gambling with rogue websites. We cant expose xposed & more enough. It will help future and often unaware players who seek a new casino to play on. The wins are’nt real by such streamers and only to entice their viewers.

Ive watched a streamer or 2 some time ago, to realise, it’s all just a little fantasy. If your not beneficial for them, your out of the club. I’ve depositted myself one day 500 euro to Gamdom which is a simular offshore casino. My mistake was i’ve send this amount using ERC20 rather then ETH. The issue could technically be solved, by the owner of the wallet. The support of gamdom never really bothered to offer a sollution for the issue. Since someone advised me back then to contact Tether, which is the organisation that does have the tools to revert transactions, suddenly Gamdom did respond, but only to hear Tether out about their legal rights. Eventually the case was just dropped and Gamdom pretty much raised their middle finger to me. It just shows how transparant, co-operative and greedy these offshore casino’s truely are. Your nothing but a money mule. Try to cashout and they will get to you with zero legal consequences.