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Hi Folks. And welcome to my website. As some of you know, or perhaps found me by another source, I am Jeroen, 38 years of age and do have a love for gambling. It started at a later age in life and there’s a certain thrill or excitement to gambling or playing games where the stakes is real cash. Many gamblers do it for fun, experience a overwelming sensation or simply put because they are hooked. Gambling can obviously impose a danger because it’s also a hidden and underestimated disease for those who truely suffer from it. This blog is’nt about ruining your life a bit more, but gain more knowledge about the world of casino’s, streamers and much more. Am i a streamer? Well i’m considering it. And if i do it would be a true transparant and one without affiliation going on as in terms of being sponsodered by the casino or game providers. No fixed odds, no RTP’s on steroids or cheating stuff.

Hello Roshtein, caught with clicking on demo mode.

I always left gambling alone as it was’nt something that could bother me. Perhaps it where the utterly boring 3 rheel or the people i saw losing their paycheque’s on it. It started actually when i lost a relative. They say that some attempt to overcome the loss with drinking, use of forbidden substances or simply gambling. Gambling was a way to escape my own feelings in this case of a true loss of another. It was my way of putting my head down the sand and forget about the rest. However i was’nt just dumbly playing, i still came in and out with a mission to actually win money. As a newcomer i was amazed how a 20 euro bill could be turned into a € 50 within just a few clicks on a slot machine. I guess it was that moment where i visit the casino more frequent. I could afford it as well for running my own business for quite some years by now and money was at some point like water.

I ran a channel before on youtube in where i posted bonus rounds. This started from a innocent 2 euro bet up to 50 euro bets over time. It does’nt take alot to level up in the way of playing and how much your average spending will be in any casino if you go there long enough. However i did it with certain care, and i always made sure i left the building with profit. Even if that was a symbolic € 1. At the end of the day, i considered it as a sport. At some point the casino offered me a VIP membership. The first question that raised in me was how did they know they had to have me? The answer was simply due to the use of players card and the frequency of how fast i collected points. They could make an estimation on that (but not get the raw numbers as that would be illegal on my win/loss). The VIP membership pretty much included anything i wanted like free parking, food, drinks and even hotels or reservations on my name when i wanted to.

Winning a brand new car in a casino

I actually won a car in a casino one day.

It brought me a bit deeper into the fascinating world of casino’s, in where i met other VIP’s and often was invited for events the casino would organise. Wether it would be frontseat tickets to a soccer match, all the way up to meeting known people as in a meet and greet. I only joined these events very brief, because i quickly learned that the world of landbased casino VIP’s are from people who love going to the casino a bit too much. Simply said being around a casino too much is’nt good for me either. And i shoud’nt be involved that too much. I kept my distance and went when i wanted really, not because i needed to. Other then having some very fantastic days in the casino like a € 16000 cashout, winning a car and even a holliday cheque of worth € 7500 it still really was’nt an answer to my ongoing problem. I should have sought professional help for the loss of a loved one if i look back at it later in life. I woud’nt be needing the casino afterall even tho i got quite ahead.

My actual biggest x on a low bet (26000x)

In my opinion, gambling should be a fun excersise but one with a mission. Play to obtain or win money. Because afterall, it’s that thrill we seek and walk away with profit. It’s not the ideal player for most casino’s as casino’s want returning customers in a steady paste. Overall this brings money to the table as the house edge for casino’s is obviously there. This is’nt a blog for people who crossed the red line. I’m sorry but if you are in (deep) shit and you seek gambling as the only sollution, it’s an extreme risk and it’s not going to help you afterall. I’d prefer you seek help by using one of the links below this website and disconnect yourself from any gambling related website, video’s, streamers or casino’s. This blog is a shoutout to those who seek true info and not biased due to the large offering of affliliate links. You’ll see and read future postings that are worth gold in this matter on my personal blog. However all info is still based on my own personal opinion and should not be taken seriously.

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