What does a good casino affiliate really make?

If you had to pick a profession such as casino affiliation, you proberly know by now that it is a way to make money on the internet. Casino affiliation is a relatively simple way to attract users to certain casino websites, have them register and play. Over the course of time, or actually wagering as with most Crypto BTC Casino’s a affiliate manager can get a percentage off either the loss or total wagering amount. How much this percentage is depends on the deal. Lets take any standard deal which is usually 10% up to 20%, and if you bring in the boatload of users who actually deposit and play, the number can lead up to 40% even.

Casino affiliation is a interesting aspect, but difficult to penetrate. I’ve bin working on some affiliation myself as well, but both regulations (Like Casino A does not operate in country B and casino B does not do business with country A), language barriers but perhaps also the seeded market are things to consider. In good days i think i make around 600$ a month which is a reasonable amount – it basicly covers most costs and time spend in for example maintaining Fakestreamers.com but it’s not always a positive trend. When players cashout big, i actually give some amount back of my own affiliate revenue as part of the deal.

I’m too small still to actually make a punch and come with a list of demands if i may say. But perhaps that picture will change in the very future, as streaming for me looks extremely tempting. It’s maybe time for a new breed of streamers, people with a positive flow of energy, and things that the majority can relate to. Start small, work upwards, and atttempt to hit big. Not unrealistic streams of folks doing 30k bonus buys or 1000$ spins. That is stuff that is unreachable for the majority (85%) of players who play online at casino’s. Affiliation helps covering costs. Streaming is not easy or let alone maintaining a community.

Back to the original topic – Casino affiliation existed since the internet. Where back in the days it was done through email marketing, links or banners on websites, it’s done in so many ways now to reach your target audience. The basic stays the very same – but the reward at this point can be challenging. The Egg of Columbus has bin discovered for quite some many times. Right now i feel like i’m actually working on something or a few positive projects. Think of the Freecasinogiveaway.com where players can actually claim free money with no deposit(s) and have a chance for a cashout. I’m also working on other and larger projects that actually might bring a punch or two. If you have any tips please feel free to comment below.

Does using a code, a link or anything in that regard, influence the outcome of a player? – this is a misunderstood thing that some people believe, but no. The outcome is no different then signing up with or without a link. However in my case, when people signup and play using my codes on Top Casino’s i’m the type of person that would random drop in freebie’s or even hard cash as a tip into their account(s). So what are you waiting for?