What streamers dont tell you

I noticed something very remarkable, to have the higher end streamers with their fake funds doing promotion of new released slots. It’s no secret that the providers are paying or steering casino’s for promotion of new games promoted by streamers. It makes perfectly sense knowing the target audience they have and the contract thats involved with the casino. I personally leave newly released games alone for a while, because my experience is they dont pay that well (yet). Opinions might differ obviously but each and every one for it’s own. It’s pretty safe to say at this point that most populair streamers engage into promotion of these newly slots now.

Slot spam by ayezee, prodigy and more streamers

Watching a streamer bust his complete balance in repeated bonus buys and where the volatility is through the roof, its safe to say that games like these can be utterly dangerous, reckless and can lead people to suicidal behaviour. Be very carefull when even coming near to these “newly” and massly promoted slots by streamers. Their cash balance is provided by the casino, and they have virtually no loss other then the hours they are streaming for themself. The primary income for such douchebags is the affiliation which usually leads to 40% comission on a affilliate’s deposit loss.

Narcistic expression of winning fake funds

Surely, you might argue that 300.000x potential is something to obviously play, but at the level or volume these guys are playing the chances of even winning such numbers at 50 euro or dollar bets is one out of a trillion. And do you really think such funds could be even withdrawn by these streamers? Nope. They on a payroll. And ive noticed that ayezee in the past with a quarter million of fake funds wins, would simply continue to make content, and never hit the withdrawl button at all. It’s because the money is’nt his, nor these other streamers. Obviously their salary or expenses set aside; they have a contract and it’s promotion.

So, when new slots are released? My advice is to leave these alone for a while; and now that the timing of these two larger streamer is coincidence and esp with the used titles in both provided video’s. The casino’s are having a marketing team and department that guide or steer streamers into certain directions. Or how to evade promotional links on twitch. Or how to comply within youtube standards etc. They all provide it and it’s designed to lure in new, fresh and unaware gamblers. They coud’nt care less and would even toss in obvious gambling addicts another bonus into their account. It’s a very bad practice.

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