Where is RocknRolla?

Yes, RocknRolla Slots from Youtube. The bloke from UK who came back from vegas with quite some cash. He has’nt bin seen nor updating anything lately on youtube, and appearantly the reason or cause to that was the bank closing his account(s) due to money laundry. At least thats the given argument about it. The full thread can be Read Here. His activity is suspended for now and he writes that if casino’s do provide him a offer he’s willing to adress this as well. Banks lately are insane for imposing rules caused by the goverment.

A cash deposit these days on your bankaccount can lead to either a phonecall or a anonymous investigation already. I myself did experience 2 instances where one payment from a client would be put on hold for the duration of at least 2 weeks, and another one for dropping in cash money after selling a car (years ago). Did you ever encounter issues with your bank? Leave it in the comments. Banks are paranoid lately due to the strict rules and potential fines in the case of money laundry. Even my own clients had a investigation with the dumbest questions on how or where a 800k payment over 2021 from Uber eats was for…

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