Ziad aka Ayezee casino streamer

Ay yes. Ziad, or “Ayezee” Casino streamer. The bloke from Libanon who initially was a small stake streamer with avg max bets of barely € 5 , the most epic reaction to winning his first true full screen explorer on book of dead, to head out for surgery and come back promoting not just the most rogue casino’s but also going into extreme bets, bonus buys and daily spitting content like he’s a winner from heaven. As with most streamers, the moment they do have a following base, things start to get ramped up in terms of marketing, strategy and promotion of certain casino’s. He’s a youngster with certain value of entertainment, but not the way you think it’s true entertainment. He’s being questioned and called out for, all the time on various forums and such. He’s seen in various co-laborations with the most fake streamer Roshtein and tends to follow his own path. Did an estimated 80.000$ in a few years on twitch.

He obviously has issues with gambling, looking at the (daily) broadcasts on Twitch. A relatively easy and zero to none financial loss in relation of playing slots. Sometimes he switches to boring CS GO where he obviously cant play like any of the medium skilled players do or let alone drive enough viewers in other then when he’s gambling. The guy initially left libanon to live in Malta, where the rules and legislation in regards of casino promotion is different. You’ll see most streamers streaming from that small little island which is a paradize with 0 tax for entrepreneurs. It offers other benefits if you happend to run your (small) little business from there. How does Ziad, or Ayezee do it? How does he win so much? And what is the catch? I’ll bring you an in detail overview of who he his, what his marketing plan consists of and what his revenue model here truely is. Let me know in the comments how close i am to this one!

Ayezee initially left streaming for a while to come back and promote different casino’s. His betting size went up significantly and people started to question left and right all over the place about his legitimacy. Lets be very honest here: streamers like Ayezee, Roshtein, Xposed, Prodigy etc virtually have no loss when they do promote the casino’s they play on. The reason to this is because the casino funds them a playing balance on daily basis, and if it’s right they can even ask for more funds if desired. The trick is within the affiliate links, and codes to enter when you would signup to this casino. Also the give aways play an important role for new and existing following base. Also the secret circle on discord where anything goes and obviously the daily posting of new video’s on youtube, twitch, instagram, snapchat and what more to make the largest exposure as possible. It is all about Enticement in Gambling and you cant avoid this really.

I firmly believe that Ayezee or Ziad hired or paid for a marketing campaign, in order to set him up. He’s obviously the uprising superstar in gambling imposing a large whale with daily fresh wins. He does make it look like he’s doing deposits, makes large withdrawls, and on stream often shows his so called legitimacy of his activities on almost daily basis. Ayezee does’nt cook for himself, no, he orders his breakfast, lunch and meals at a company who prepares that on a daily basis. Ayezee shined a few times not being interested in girls either on stream. His love for gambling seems greater then the other delicious fruits life has to offer. Bit of a shame really, the world has so many wonderfull girls eh? Anyone looking a bit deeper in the matter knows that something is up and nobody could sustain doing such bets or buys on daily basis. How does he do it? As written they all are sponsored. They dont have any financial losses.

Consider it like this: a casino hires a streamer on monthly, 3 months, 6 months or even on yearly basis with a contract. This (legal) document ensures that both party’s come to a legal agreement and is primarily to avoid any issues with legislation. Casino’s cant offer streamers free money just like that. In most licence permission it has to be outsourced, a marketing campaign. In this contract a salary is provided, which is paid out on usually monthly basis. How much this salary in particular to Ayezee is is unknown, but looking at his volume and dedication i suspect in the 200 up to 500k a month. For a shrimp looking haircut streamer it looks alot, but the investment for the casino is quite minimum compared to what they haul in on monthly basis just purely based on affiliation. This same contract also states that, a reasonable amount or percentage, has to flow back into the casino in relation of deposits.

So the streamer is basicly free of choice how and when to stream the casino they promote, has to put in deposits and actually does stand a challenge into winning and hitting the withdrawl button. Yes a portion of the actual winnings the streamer can keep. How much this is depends. We know that Xposed gets 10% of the winnings and knowing this is a larger streamer then Ayezee the margins should be less. But pretty much close. There’s another form of income and that is the role of affiliation. Everytime a player signs up using a link or code given by Ayezee, ayezee in this case recieves a up to 40 to 50% comission on the loss of that one particular player. So lets say one John Doe deposits € 100, plays, and loses the € 100, 40 to 50 euro of that is for Ayezee in this case. If you look at the grand scheme of things, signin up a thousans of users is financially interesting and a way to keep the streams going. Gambling can ruin lives. Streamer like Ayezee does’nt have financial loss.

And this is where it gets a bit of interesting. You see the bonus buys of 100.000$, bets of over 1000$ per spin (!) and some magical wins of over a million, even two million. When i used to watch Ayezee i noticed that, he never really hit the withdrawl button after that extreme large win of over 2 mil. Nope. Ayezee kept on doing “new content” and pretty much gambles on while retaining the same balance. Any a-hole as in above video, who gets ahead with 2.5 million, settles it, calls it a day, and is enough to settle him or her for a pension for life as a gambler. And thats exactly the immoral and culprit these streamers like Ayezee showcase on daily basis. When we used to have cartoons in the 80’s and 90’s to watch on a saturdaymorning, we now have Ayezee posting a shitload of unrealistic gameplay, wins based on a fake deception. He cant withdrawl. And as proven before, usually stake, roobet and such, fund such streamers.

So the stream he puts up, is basicly “fake” and the wins he is making, or whatever, is’nt really real? Well i’d simply say the joy is kind of out of it when 10 to 15% of those huge numbers can only be withdrawl. Ive also read that large streamers do get reduction in bets. So you might see a streamer putting 1000$ per spin, in reality it’s just a 10$ spin. Casino’s on the other hand who funds these streamers, something else is very wrong. Where these streamer seem to produce hit after hit and large buy after buy while winning tons of cash, most players do not even get close to the win / hit frequency these folks do. Is there something else at play perhaps? I woud’nt say rigged; but there’s an obvious “advantage” for such streamers going on compared to regular players. Take roshtein for example, on accident clicking the practice button, ending up with the same raw balance as in practice. Like how the hell?

I’m the guy who’s behind ayezeeofficial.com and the twitter account. Nothing personal to Ziad, but the con of cons that is going on here on the internet is nothing new really. I am a internet specialist in my daily profession. Ive seen gambling come around in days where email marketing, link spam and such was still in. Streaming did’nt exist back then. The way these streamers and casino’s are pulling these scams off should be highlighted and a newer and obviously younger generation that is targetted should be warned about these practices. Where money involved so is greed, and such deceptions being pulled off, youtube algorithms are being fooled, twitch streams deluded with fake wins, these bigger party’s should step up, and put an end to this reckless, irresponsible and more important unethical way of gambling, to esp youngsters. Streamer like ayezee does’nt have financial loss when gambling. Period.

There is one more point about the casino’s being promoted by such streamers. Obviously the casino’s who pull budgets for marketing purposes and hiring streamers like ayezee, are’nt stupid either. They know very well the return of investment can be up to 50 to 100 times a month compared to the salary they pay to Ayezee or any other streamer. The casino’s do have issues. They have no verification proces. Anyone can signup. They have no KYC (know your customer). They hold zero to none legal actions, meaning if they refuse to pay you out there is nothing you can do about it. But they take your deposits for months even without any questions asked. Ayezee does run a website, and it suddenly holds a public email account where you can send in your roobet, stake details or whatsoever, but be carefull. They will collect your personal data, and re-use, resell these personal details for future marketing.

In a few years, everyone forgot about Ayezee by then. The guy moved on, has his financials already safely stalled somewhere, and became rich of tossing people into obvious mouse or money traps which these offshore, crypto casino’s are in a nutshell. This is the dude you vouch for, and the people who lost their lives, relationships, marriages, housing, kids or even their jobs to gambling, he coud’nt care less. Ziad has his financies well tucked in a small island with zero tax. Roshtein, Xposed, all of them pretty much are doing the same. But in their own way with the same goal. Making money now, over the heads of a thousands amount of people, not giving a damn later. Are these responsible streamers? What do you think? Leave it in the comments, keep it polite, and dont be personal. At the end of the day they are just failed actors who coud’nt find anything better in life then fake it till they make it.

Ive had my own experience with one of the casino’s Ayezee used to promote. It was Gamdom which was the casino right before he went with roobet. The experience these offshore and even more important (and proven) reason why these places are absolute shit in regards of regulation, they do allow players from restricted country’s by simply pressing the X button upon dialog, restrict country. It stinks. And i woud’nt sleep comfertable at all knowing what is happening with such places. If a place like Roobet, Stake and such would be severely limited by regulations suddenly, the chances are big people playing with a VPN or coming from a restricted country, could be banned without notice. They are not even entitled to pay you out your winnings you think you just won. Playing at these establishments is a absolute risk and it holds zero responsibility in relation of problem gamblers.

Other then that; nothing personal to Ayezee, gambling can be quite entertaining (even to watch!) but if you do it do it with your own funds. Or is it as Roshtein in an interview once said, losing quite some money while gambling and that the (true) odds for non-streamers are less in reality? We only know that the ones paying for this complete circus which is called gambling streaming online, is funded by afterall the affiliates. It’s a bit weird to see the “new trend” of winning millions now on weekly basis is the new norm. I’m sure these casino do play a large role in this and making it happen, as the nature of any content streamer on the internet has to evolve into larger, bigger, better and much wider. Nobody is going to watch a 20 cents playing streamers who’s playing like his life depends on it. And ofcourse. I had my fair share of wins as well. But i’m confident that that party woud’nt be quite long lasting.

Update: Ayezee confirmed fake streamer. GG Ayezee.