So i joined a gambling discord community…

And you won’t believe it in how far and beyond most of the provided content on the internet, is brought fake. Both content providers and casino affiliate managers are in on it. And whatever you see these folks doing with unreal, unrealistic bets or the innocent video’s with someone else commenting on a top end streamers win. Anyone can make content these days and with the help of various tools, templates and jump / kickstart into the program you can do it too apparently. And even more shocking is the average response from people who like and comment on such video’s.

So yeah, a discord server setup for gambling purposes has a deal obvious. The free give-aways but also the signup to a casino using affiliate codes. Ofcourse you can chit chat about all gambling related content, but what bothered me the most is that there are discord groups out there who’s sole purpose and with the help of affiliate managers, fake or ramp up content, with no financial risk involved, and to purely set players up into gambling on the most vague sites. It was even advised not to withdrawal more then 10k at once at a large brand like Stake. Otherwise it might cause suspicion…

You see Stake does’nt give a rats ass about who’s playing, using a VPN or not but it dislikes money taken out larger then 10k sums. This raises the initial question at staff or security department to start tossing you around with KYC’s and by doing so your actually breaching the terms and conditions already, because your likely coming from a district your not permitted to play on stake. Thats strike one. Number two is the lack of any transparency in regards of licensing and more. There’s nothing you can do about it once they “delete” your account and take your winnings.

Even if you where joining for the freebie’s it’s not a good thing. The freebie’s at best are around 10$. I have’nt seen alot of gamblers work their way up from 10$ up to the thousands to be fair. And when i watched someone play live i already noted that the stakes at stake, are quite worse then any average casino. You see they might or claim to have the highest RTP in the industry, but remember their license is from a little islands in Curacao which holds different rules when it comes to RTP and such. I can have a slot for you with 100% RTP and still make you lose if mathematically correct.

So, if you have some contacts in that industry, you can set yourself up and start generating content. Affiliate managers who work for Stake have the tools for this purpose, and can give you “free balance” pretty much to ramp up your playing and content. There’s no loss and this is how the majority is doing so. Most gambling content now is 95% “fake” or simply people playing with no financial risk. This is how they do it, and they all work hard to get people sucked in. Once you turn into their affiliate, they get a lifetime comission on your losses, depending on the deal that can be up to 40%.

So if you see any channel promoting the joining of the discord, remember above. There’s not alot and all is designed to keep you in, within and remember alot of content is generated on a fake basis. Affiliate managers are in the game too, all of them advocate the use of a VPN and there’s nobody to bother around. As long as the money flows in. Stake should be fined. Any casino can remove the use of VPN’s on their platform. They know it. It’s just formal nonsense because it is still generating big bucks. And people, remember, your not going to “recreate” the action streamers appear to have, slots on steroids.

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