Streaming for 8 hours a day

I happend to follow some of the mainstream twitter, youtube and or twitch accounts for some time, to realise, there’s something odd with streaming gambling for 8 hours a day. I have a fulltime profession and i coud’nt switch back just like that if i happend to have a session of quite some time. It is obvious that the main job for these folks presenting or streaming gambling in particular relies on the affiliate incomes. It’s disgusting and it does’nt add anything beneficial ramping up a zillion posts on weekly basis. I sincerely hope that changes to platform(s) do come in quickly that kind of puts an end to this madness of trying to gather as much as potential affiliate signups of people who need their fix.

Nah. If your out for your fix, the last thing you’ll need is watch another gamble. We are humans and nature pretty much dictactes that we’re out for hunt, compete, challenge, fight and overcome. In a way gambling does offer a simular experience, it’s filled with dopamine’s which is the addicting effect this gambling generally brings. If your out for the question how do i replace my fix by watching streamers with doing something else? Well, go head for a walk, follow a gym, practice a hobby or explore something that you like. And i promis you within barely 2 weeks you’ll start to feel different and you’ll experience new thrills or sensation in any of these things that nature has for you.

I got removed off casinogrounds today, for being “rude” to other fellow members. To be honest it did’nt bother me that much at all. I know this removal will only help me progress into moving forward, instead of as i discovered doing myself day in day out refreshing the forums. The removal actually helped me and opening up my eyes a bit about this world of online casino, the greed and mass spread off affiliate links all over the place. If you want to protect yourself from gambling in general, i suggest installing two adblockers. Ublock and Adblock. If preffered Adguard is a better option even, and much more stronger then the first two. It gives a better internet experience anyway.

The market is extremely competetive – and some of ‘m quit their low grade job to start streaming for a full 8 hours a day. I coud’nt really think of streaming 8 hours a day to be honest. And most authentic streamers like Rocknrollah, The Bandit etc dont show this behaviour neither. I bet that most streamers that do this must suffer from serious gambling addiction. The way they justify their daily habbit of over 8 hours a day is’nt usually a good sign. Gambling itself has evolved. The amount of dose you can get in a single day of playing is just immense high. I also suspect that most streamers over time simply burnout or get other symptons that are related to long term playing.

If your life resides all around gambling, it’s a dangerous thing. Most folks on the long term will eventually lose it all. But for streaming their balances are simply made up. They are funded. Contracted. On the payroll of the casino. Their losses don’t exist, even tho they would even fake their payment on accounts that usually belongs to the casino themself. Streamers that present theirself for 8 hours a day week in week out are in my opinion full thrash. It’s a waste of time – and life is short. The only thing we truely as human beings have, is precious time. Dont be like your streamer that you watch. Your better off unsub, unfollow or simply detach yourself from. Problem solved.

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