Ayezee recieved a timeout on Kick (lol)

For the very solid reason of “Doxing” – in short the uploaded video on Youtube was live streamed to kick and which recieved a penalty or strike for doxing another (Roshtein). As we speak Roshtein is streaming live and anyone even mentioning the name or word Ayezee is getting a ban. Lol. This is interesting, very interesting to see how it develops in the next few days or weeks to come.

This all is visible in a Previous Post about Ayezee addressing a video towards roshtein who seem to stab him in the back (or something in this matter). It is a shitshow, fight or redemption in between two streamers who point the finger at each other while basicly doing the very same, Fake Streaming. If your Ayezee and getting filled for 700k a week to play with.. Yep. That’s difficult to sell.

Ayezee on Reddit

I personally have no issues with streamers. If they feel like wanting to stream their play, go ahead. I do have problems with streamers who are sponsored and are not disclosing the deals they are having. I’m getting more comments lately on “Daily Gamba” on my Youtube Channel. I advise you to search for yourself and know how transparant Daily Gamba really is.