Streamers Rejecting Giveaways

There’s quite some interesting folks on the internet. If your looking for a streamer who consistently is losing or just keeps making the dumbest decisions over and over again i suggest you take a peek at Lossmanjack on youtube. This channel provides content about BossmanJack who is a kick streamer promoting Stake. Now there’s quite some folks obviously doing the same but you won’t find someone raging that much, losing so much, or even taking it out on his family or apartment. Lot’s of things in the last year already destroyed (lol) due to gambling rage. Bossmanjack is not your example of a gambling streamer.

We heard rumors of various streamers scamming it’s viewers, subscribers or even people who signed up using their code. People who got dragged into slot calls, winning and getting refused to be paid out their winnings. One particular case of over $4500 dollar was refused and it proves my point again that there is a majority of streamers and folks popping up who do not care. If people are asking you to signup and use THEIR code with whatever condition (like hey i give you back 50%!) please take above in mind. Once you apply a code it’s no longer possible to have it removed and the only way out is to close / re-open a new account.

Watch Bossmanjack Lose 6000$ on Keno in roughly 2 minutes

I’m sure there’s much more streamers or simular like Bossmanjack. I have bin watching him for a few days and i am kind of repulsed that such people promote gambling in the worst possible ways. The story is Bossmanjack won 50.000$ on Keno which is his favourite losing housegame but gambled it all away in one day. If you ever win that much, do whatever it takes to cash the money out, if you have to self exclude and find distraction. Feel like playing? Check out my Top Selection of Casino’s and i’ll reward you based on your wagering. Have a safe 2024.